A distinguished research network, based on exclusive license and cooperation agreements, grants ORYX access to unique proficiencies in scientific and clinical fields. Additionally, network guarantees targeted research to expand the company’s activities and grow its project portfolio.

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

With over 3,500 employees, DKFZ is the largest biomedical research institute in Germany and ranks among the top three cancer research institutions in the world. Over 90 divisions and research groups are committed to investigating the mechanisms of cancer, identifying cancer risk factors and finding strategies for cancer prevention. The DKFZ scientists are also working on novel approaches to make tumor diagnosis more precise and treatment of cancer patients more successful.

In particular, ORYX collaborates with Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. Harald zur Hausen, Prof. Dr. Josef Puchta and Prof. Dr. Jean Rommelaere. Prof. zur Hausen supports ORYX as scientific advisor and Prof. Puchta as advisor for collaboration with national and international academic institutions. Prof. Rommelaere and his research group are responsible for conducting companion diagnostic research on parvovirus H1.


University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg University Hospital and Darmstadt Clinic, Germany

The Heidelberg University Hospital, one of the largest and most prestigious medical centers in Europe, stands out due to its excellent patient care, research and teaching. Together with its partner research institutes, among them the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), Heidelberg University Hospital is working on the development and implementation of new forms of cancer therapy.

In particular, ORYX is collaborating with Prof. Dr. Magnus von Knebel-Doeberitz (University of Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Andreas Unterberg (Heidelberg University Hospital), Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger (National Center for Tumor Diseases, NCT) and Dr. Karsten Geletneky (Darmstadt Clinic) as scientific advisors. Prof. von Knebel-Doeberitz is responsible for conducting companion research on therapeutic vaccines p16 and MSI. The responsibilities of Prof. Unterberg and Dr. Geletneky are in conducting the clinical Phase I/IIa trial with parvovirus H1 in glioblastoma multiforme patients. Dr. Geletneky is also responsible for conducting the compassionate use programs in glioblastoma multiforme patients. The clinical Phase I/IIa trial with parvovirus H1 in pancreatic cancer patients comes under the responsibility of Prof. Jäger.


Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

The Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt is a widely renowned hospital that covers ten medical disciplines and provides high standard medical and therapeutic patient care. The therapies offered are oriented toward international excellence and concur with current research results. One of the four hospital owned institutes, the Institute for Clinical-Oncological Research, specializes in Phase I studies, translational projects and therapy-optimization-studies.

In collaboration with ORYX, clinical Phase I/IIa trials with therapeutic vaccines p16 and MSI in patients with either HPV-associated cancers or MSI-colorectal cancer are carried out under the lead of Prof. Dr. Elke Jäger.